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If you play any more Styx songs


...the story

    One rainy night two families met by accident while getting involved in some weirdness in a studio that had all kinds of Instruments none of them had really ever tried to use. Weirdness inspired this collaboration between the two families. The names of the members shall remain a secret in order to protect their identities.  They know who the rat is...


 DISC 2 from that night "LIVE" Improvisations

       If you play any more Styx songs 

       Aint Talkin Bout Clause 

       Track Three       

        Track Four      

        Unpluged Toilet   

        Fart Grass Brass Rag  


        Hussle Floss  

        Grand Poo Bah  


        She Aint Sweet  

        Ban Joe    

        Bonanza Trombone  

        What If?     

        Bassmouth Bass  




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