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Here are songs from our latest release.


a tribute to Butch McMaster III 

Numbered Daze

Space on Earth




Home Grown Remedy

Blown Glass

Falling from Earth

Intense Brainjam


Butch joined the band in 1993 and took the wheel to lead Cottonmouth through the 90's. Under his guidance the band purchased a recording studio and the fun began. Butch had dabbled in recording with local bands Children of Death and Lethal Sound Development and now with a studio he called his own he could take Cottonmouth to a new level.

 Butch was killed tragically on Oct 23rd, 2001 when the truck he was riding in went off the road and into a small creek. He was trapped in the truck with his seat belt on and drowned.

 The band was in process of recording this release when he died. After much thought we decided to finish the project and release the tracks with him playing drums in his memory. He was a great talent, lost at a young age just like all the legends. He would not have been pleased with his performance on most of these tracks. He was a perfectionist.


Cottonmouth® has been writing and recording original material since 1989. official Our first release contained 5 songs from the original 5 member line up and was available only on cassette. Charge of the Light Brigade, Psychotic Unrest, Freedom Reeks, Manual Chaotic Discipline, and Out of Time.

GOING TO POTGOING TO POTwas released in 1993 and included 11 songs. Kings Court, Mudslung. Pissed Off, Alcoholic in Training, D.U.I., Machine, Pull the Plug, Nobody Likes Me, Lunatic Procession, Charge of the Light Brigade, and Potpourri.

Pipe Dream pipe dream from 1997 had two versions...Numbered Daze, Space on Earth, Home Grown Remedy, and Blown Glass, or....Numbered Daze, Space on Earth, Home Grown Remedy, and Independencies.

Stash Benefit benefit was released at the Butch McMaster III benefit. A collection of unedited improvisational music that magically happened in the studio. The News is In...  Ridin the Line on the Side, Trippin in the Woods, Feed my Brain, Dog's Life,,, Mudslung (live), Do you have a Clue, Crab Rangoon, and a half hour interview with Butch and the rest of Cottonmouth® recorded for a magazine.


Samples of all of Cottonmouth®'s music can be found on the site as well as the experimental sounds of some SIDE PROJECTS. Check out the History page to hear these demo's.  If you really wanted too dig deep check out the Secret Vault. Thanks for listening.