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  Side Projects

  After Butch passed away we were lost. We knew we didn't just have to find a new drummer but a new family member. Somebody that would understand that we wanted to continue and Butch was still going to be part of our band as we planned to release the music he had created will us. We wanted the world to know how talented Butch was.  We decide not to just to invite drummers to audition but to invite musicians of all sorts to come participate in what we call "Some Weirdness". We thought it would be a good way not only to have some fun and learn more tricks in the studio but it would also help get the word out we were looking for a drummer.  We would employ the improv writing style that Butch helped create, Just hit record with no plan ... and whatever Happens....The results are these side projects. Thanks to all who participated, we had a blast and it helped us through our toughest time as a band.


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