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  You have gotten in our stash now so be cool.

This is where we file our ideas. it allows us to access them from many places. These are mostly improvisational tracks where we are searching for ideas or working on a specific riff building a song. This is also a diary of sorts. Lyrics give us clues as to what was going on during the recording session.  Occasionally magic happens.

Most of the Stash recordings are from the mid to late 90's.

Stash Vol. 1A  Play All

  the original volume one ?

 Stash Vol 2  Play All 

Stash volume 3 is missing. Hmmm 3..Dale Earnhart, Butch III hmmmmm

Stash Vol. 4  Play All

 Stash Vol 5  Play All

Stash Vol. 6  Play All

Stash Vol. 7  Play All

                                 Lots of Instrumentals on this disk

Stash Vol. 8  Play All

Stash vol 9  Play All

Stash Vol 10  Play All