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Stash Vol. 13  Play All


dedicated to the free masons, illuminati, and Knights templar

heavy use of delay effects on of D8B on vocals creating bad feedback at times. some tracks contain use of a toy keyboard that had a sampler on it.



lots of delay play on this disc

gag and cough delay intro/falling into a barrel

flying feedback sheep

almost made it through one without annoying delay being involved.

Secret room on the Moon where there is annoying feedback. warning this may loosen the fillings in your teeth

We Ard!!

What's your mission?

vocal level adjusted delay not so loud thank god

Feel my way backing off the level...oops feedback

get along lil

Brain hail

feed my brain

lil toy keyboard

lil tard boy's toy keyboard

Doobie and his keys

English ambulance dance

answer the keyboard

effects affect

lay the blame

blame it on the riff

Caribbean cruise ship band

Yankee doodle

syllable slap happy

toy key sampler sample

revenge of the lil toy keyboard

Independencies rehearsal 13

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