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Features guest appearance from MC gerry with a G who passes out by the third song. Butch is also singing along on Jr. Brown is around.


Frozen Beer w/ Gerry 

Mc gerry w/ a G is stuck in a chair 

wah wah wah 

smell the swine 

Jr. Brown is Around  

Jr. Brown reprise 

Manners of Rock 

Mumbledies on tv 

TV makes you 

Fad Lad Stand off 

Mr. Hollywood 

just over a two minute run 

Don't worry I got it 

Yeum Yeum manum 

twenty four seven four twenty 

minute thirty one 

never cared for tim Leary 

Here I go where I been 

Screecher from the flat lampoon 

Legend Larry barks all night 

taking a huge dump truck 

bored so I tossed a frog in the fan 

Wah Talkie  

Wah wax 

Scored a piece of Hash 

My UnDoing 

Three O five = 

Are you still there? 

there here but where 

rub butter on it 

assault slam riff 

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