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Stash Vol. 6  Play All


Riff off the top 

Finding a connect 

Look at it glow 

Make a Buck 

Tree Recognition 

My Body My Rights 

Power ballad ballad quota 

Watch out for that tree 

Witling while waiting on mail 


Ah shit 

Wet concrete moaning 

Who do we Pay? 

Syllables forty five different ways 

Willy Wink F#@& IT 

Odd Vodd 

forty five seconds 

38 special seconds 

No magic in this one tonight ..ugh 

Riff 12 

Build 13 

Build it, It will come 

Searching for a melody 

concrete screams 

must be more nice 

four count 

melody attempted resurrection 

what was I looking for any way 

Riff collector Run 

Puttin a String om...secret guest voice 

MC Gerry w/ a G bong session 

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