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Stash Vol. 8 Play All


Top of the riff 

forty one seconds 

In the kitchen 

decision Indecision 

You've got mail 

Let the starlight rip 

It's your lesson 

Syllable wishing well oh well 

Snake bite delight(jim Morrison) 

walkin like bird ..includes Butch's voice near end 

The snich 

No purchase necessary 

Which demention? 

silent juice maker 

Inconsistent silent minute 

Intro Ah...then silent 

thiry eight silent seconds 8

Build a riff then scream 

Yeaaah sleepwalker 

workin baby seals riff 8 

workin baby seals riff slower 8 

Fairyman's way? 

I took the right way 

swift silent swift 

Clue? attempt 8 

Tune tro to crucify 

30 days in rehab didn't help 

ass adjustment sound check 

first step flat on my face blues 

Do you have a clue? 8 

Shakedown Avenue 

baby seals 

reelin and steelin 

laura lied styx and stones 

 Olden days in Detroit 

Bob Seeger's Crab Rangoon 

Mudslung flub Live I think 

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