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Stash vol 9  Play All


which way did the joint go? 


They are listening in.. 

secret syllables 

sylable seeker 

sylable messenger 

You'll get yours 

Amish have some things right 

Into silence 

silent footsteps 

silent mustard 

blind I see blind 

yeah 9 

silent stomp 

oo yeahow 

silent terror 

silent sense 

ice silent 

stick click screech 

dream of a release 

tire burn out 

never...well tell me a lie 

this could go all the way but it didn't 

Only one choice 

Vision ...this time around 

syllable meditate 

dylanable everyone knows 

barking dog riff 

chug a syllable cup 

Do you wish you can tell? 

Another groch on the wall 

riff tips 

Old metal riff 

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