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Stash Vol. 19   Play All

Drum like no tomorrow                                        

I play in clay                                          

 spinning room                                         

cheezy bacon sandwich riff                       

send me out of bounds                                     

It Broke                                     

Let it Unfold                                     

running to the toilet riff                          

I wish I didn't have to work riff                    

The rest of this CD is out takes we are working on or were working on at the time. Then again some are just us goofing off

I want you to stone me sedated blitzkrieg                     

I'd loose it If it wasn't ttached                                    

Independencies building 19                                                                           

Space on Earth rehearsal 19                                   

Blown Glass rehearsal                                          

Home Grown Remedy Rehearsal 19                           

Baby seals work 19                                            

Falling from Earth Rehearsal 19                               

My minds ate away reprise                             

playing with myself                                          

Astronomy Jabba da dominie                                

Spice Mining                                                      

Riff work gone real bad                                 

More Independencies building 19                                

Riff work                                                       

Riff work cont'd.                                               

1814 Gold drives a man crazy                                 

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