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     This is our secret stash


  This is the area where we stockpile tons of audio that we have saved over the years for one reason or another. We our able to get online no matter where we are and listen to a sample of something we are working on, reference an idea we had recorded in the past for discussion, or just entertain ourselves with some Magic Moments that happened along the way. Almost all this material is Improvisations caught in the studio.


                               Stash Vol. 1a - 10

                                Stash Vol. 11-20


   Improv's magic moments happen!! ....When Butch joined the band one of the new directions that we began to head towards was more improving. By Improving we mean having no predetermined direction a song was heading and in our case none of the members would even clue in the other as to what they were even thinking. We would all just play what we felt. A song called The Mechanic was the first studio magic that excited us and made us want to make it happen again. The early Improv's were dubbed straight to cassette to save reel tape for the songs we had written. A lot of the Magic would happen early in jam session while we were warming up and setting sound levels. Most of the lyrics come from conversations we had right before we pushed record. We had no idea that later this would give us clues on what was going on in our lives during those sessions. After we got our Mackie D8b, We were in a waiting period because the Hard Disk Recorder that Mackie had designed to be compatible with D8B had yet to be released. So we spent a lot of hours just getting to know our new board and recording these Improv's to dat tape. After Butch passed away we released a CD of some of these songs, Stash Vol. 1., to help with his benefit. The feeling of this magic happening in these sessions is a blessing for us to have as a band. We understand that some of these songs will sound unusual at times to an average listener but for the band its like watching home movies and brings back some memories of some serious laughter created as well.

  Sometimes magic didn't happen and a lot of this is here but we would hear bits we thought we could build on. The riffs are all stored here along with vocal/sometimes lyric ideas created by randomly spouting syllables hoping something would develop. So if enough time is spent listening here you will be able to hear for yourself how we write our songs.

Listen to Butch play drums if nothing else. An amazingly talent, He took the drums or any instrument he touched to a new level. There are some fine examples of his amazing abilities here in the secret vault. There are also tracks containing his voice and they are mostly labeled to make them easier for you to find.