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  Cottonmouth® has finished DELTA 9 (Tribute to Butch McMaster III) It is available at all major digital downloads sites including Itunes and XBOX.  It is available on Spotify and Jango.  USB drives are  available at shows and contain 9 songs that span the entire career of the band going back to 1989. Send us an email for more info on them and other merchandise.



Butch McMaster III will be featured on the latest from Cottonmouth®.


a tribute to Butch McMaster III is a completion of songs the band was recording with Butch before he passed away in 2001. A few of the songs were on the "Pipe Dream" demo in 1997. They include Space on Earth, Blown Glass, Home Grown Remedy and Independencies. The track Numbered Daze was also on the demo and it has been reworked lyrically and had part of the vocal melody changed. Songs that didn't make the "Pipe Dream" demo that will also be included on Cottonmouth®'s latest are Falling from Earth and the first song ever written with Butch, Intense Brainjam.

  Butch is also featured on a few songs from the 1993 "Going to pot" demo which featured the original drummer Aaron Roberts. The songs Potpourri and Mudslung are included with Butch McMaster III on drums.

  A new version of Freedom Reeks is being worked on featuring new drummer Travis Puhse. Travis will also participate on version number 4 of Charge of the Light Brigade. Charge was featured on the bands first demo in 1989, "Official Demo," released again as a 4 piece version on "Going to Pot", and recorded live a few times with Butch. Travis is also writing his first song with the band entitled Mockingbird Lane. The song is being based on a 13/8 time signature and will feature 13th chords with lyrics about the history of the number 13.

       Cottonmouth® is also planning some interesting packaging for the new release. Understanding that downloading songs is how most people get their music, Cottonmouth® realized that part of the art of music was disappearing. Cottonmouth® grew up with vinyl records that included elaborate packaging. We watched during the process of recording this release the birth and near death of Cd's.  Cassettes disappeared and vinyl has only hung around for the hard core collectors and DJ's who like to spin them. So... Cottonmouth® is planning for their new CD packaging to also be a pop up book featuring original artwork in pop up form from our newest brother Travis Puhse.

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